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Do you invest an ample amount of time and money in advertising and marketing?

Do you invest time and money in a word-of-mouth strategy?

If you're like most businesses, the answer to those questions is a yes to the first and no to the second. Most companies take word-of-mouth recommendations from their customers for granted. What's crazy about that is 90% of purchases are influenced by word-of-mouth. Yet most businesses are spending a majority of their time and marketing budgets on advertising that their customers just don't trust.

Today on the podcast, I'm joined by best selling author, Jay Baer. Jay is the author of a new book along with Daniel Lemin, called Talk Triggers - The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth. Jay and I dive into why word-of-mouth marketing is so effective, the impact of word-of-mouth marketing online versus off-line, what businesses need to know when creating a word-of-mouth strategy to get customers to talk about them, and so much more.

Let's do this!

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