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Are you creating more video as part of your social media marketing strategy? 

Are you turning those videos into video ads on Facebook? 

This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Facebook Ads expert, Gavin Bell, and he shares with me the blueprint to video ads on Facebook. You'll learn best practices for video ads on Facebook, how to optimize video ads on Facebook, and most importantly, how much money you should be spending on each video ad. 

Let's do this...

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Is your business using emojis in your marketing?

Would you like your business to appear more authentic and humanizing with your target audience?

On the podcast this week, discover how emojis are changing the way people communicate and how marketers can implement them to humanize their brand and give a boost to their marketing initiatives.

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Are you creating more video as part of your video marketing strategy?

Would you like to speak with better clarity to your audience?

In this week's podcast episode I'm joined by Richard The Magician and he shares with you performance tips to that every vlogger and video creator should know. You'll learn exercises to help in your preparation for creating videos along with the importance of how you say the words you speak and the advantages of thinking from the perspective of your audience. 

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Would you like to get more lead generation from your social media efforts?

Would you love to save large amounts of time with automation techniques that turn clicks into customers?

Listen to how Billy Shaw, owner of Billy Gene Is Marketing, is able to turn clicks into customers through advertising, capturing, selling, and an effective use of automation. Get more lead generation from your social media efforts and save large amounts of time with automation techniques that turn clicks into customers.

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Curious about how a premiere hotel company is utilizing user-generated content (UGC) to power its social media?

Want to know the importance of curating content correctly?

Listen to how Loews Hotels powers its social media through UGC and how it encourages interaction with its patrons to deliver an edge on advertising and community engagement in the hospitality sector.

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Have you adjusted your Instagram strategy since the Instagram algorithm was released?

Would you like to drive more reach and engagement with your Instagram content?

Take a deep dive into the Instagram algorithm and discover five factors that can influence your reach and engagement on this rapidly growing platform. In this episode, you'll discover how even with an algorithm in place, it's still possible to get great reach organically on Instagram. You'll also learn why it's all about quality over quantity, how Instagram Stories can drive additional reach for your photos and videos, and so much more.

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Don’t you wish you could ask Facebook some questions on how to best use the platform to grow your business?

Wouldn't you love to know how to get great results with just $1 a day on Facebook Ads?

Get an inside look at the Facebook algorithm and discover the standards of excellence for Facebook Ads with Logan Young of Blitz Metrics. The BlitzMetrics team has used lots of data analysis and knowledge gleaned directly from the mouths of Facebook employees to determine a standards of excellence system to use to get the most out of Facebook for their clients. Learn how to read the signals on a Facebook page to get more followers, engagement and how to best promote content.

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Do you feel you're not getting the most out of Facebook when marketing your business?

Would you like to learn how to grow your Facebook following by honing in on your target audience?

This week I'm sharing 5 Facebook features marketers forget to use. In this episode, you'll learn how we target our avatar and audience by capitalizing on Audience Insights within Facebook. I'll show you how we search previous posts for insights on what works, and how to grow your following by suggesting your page to email contacts and by inviting specific individuals to like our Page who've previously engaged with your content. Plus, you'll learn how to customize your Facebook Page layout so it's optimal for your industry.

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How did you celebrate Social Media Day this year?

Did you participate in one of the top meet-ups that happened in San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, or Jacksonville?

Since 2010, Social Media Day is celebrated every year on June 30th. Social Media Day San Diego has been one of the biggest events on the planet. This year, over 400 people came together to celebrate Social Media Day San Diego that featured some amazing speakers such as Pat Flynn, Marcus Sheridan, Mari Smith, Michael Stelzner, Dennis Yu and yours truly. Today on the podcast, I'm joined by co-host Mike Bires as we discuss everything that happened at Social Media Day San Diego 2017.

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Do you find yourself wishing you were more productive with your time?

Do you struggle with setting and reaching goals?

Productivity is something a lot of people struggle with and at the root of it all is goal setting. My guest today has incorporated the knowledge from top experts and scientific data to develop products and systems to help people accomplish their goals more efficiently.

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