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Are Instagram Stories a part of your marketing strategy?

Are you aware of the latest features and how they can make your storytelling more exciting?

Instagram Stories has now grown to over 200 million active users. This was a feature that didn’t even exist a year ago! Facebook and Instagram has taken steps to win the war against Snapchat. One third of Instagram users are using Stories daily. Today I’m sharing the latest features most people don’t know about that can enhance your storytelling on Instagram Stories.

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Are you thinking of hiring a social media agency?

Do you have an agency or are you part of one?

As a social media agency owner for the past eight years, I have a lot of insight on the good, the bad and the ugly in this business. The process of finding and hiring an agency who can work on social media for your business or brand can be intimidating. If you’re not in the business, it can be tough to know if they are legit or selling you a bag of goods. I’m sharing some great questions you can ask a potential agency or consultant to find out if they will be a good fit for your business or brand.

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Are you confused by Facebook ads?

Are you running Facebook ads but want to dive deeper into what you should focus on?

If you have a question about Facebook Ads, I’ll bet we get to it in this episode. I’m asking Azriel Ratz of Ratz Pack Media the best questions sourced from our audience and the team at Casual Fridays. We dive into some beginner and lots of advanced Facebook ad strategies. Learn best practices on how to set up, test and measure your Facebook ad campaigns.


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Do you need help growing your email list?

Are you capturing emails where and when you should be?

Dustin Stout and I discuss the pros and cons of various email platforms and how to streamline the process of gathering emails. He gives us tips and tricks to produce the most effective lead magnets and how to come up with ideas on what to create that will interest your target audience. I learned some interesting things about what kinds of lead magnets are working right now and how we can serve our audience and keep them interested in our brand and products.

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Does your product or service appeal to military families?

Are you marketing to military families through social media?

In honor of May’s Military Appreciation Month, I’m talking with Desiree Martinez, founder of All In One Social Media and member of a fourth generation military family. Learn HOW and WHY you should target military families using social media. Her number one recommendation for brands targeting military families is to make sure to sit down and talk to someone who has experience with the demographic before marketing to them. Here’s your chance!

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Do you have a social customer care strategy?

Do you want to know the essential steps to win at social customer care?

Today,  I sit down with Dan Gingiss, host of the “Focus on Customer Service” podcast and author of the new book “Winning at Social Customer Care” to outline the eight steps to win at social customer care.


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Should you be using Instagram Live?

Is it worth the time and energy to start using another live platform?

Today I’m joined by Aaron Roth of Arkon Mounts and we discuss how and why you should take a closer look at Instagram Live.  Aaron shares why it is working right now to increase sales and grow the Instagram account for Arkon Mounts. The most effective way he’s found to sell his products is by reaching new audiences and telling the Arkon Mounts story through Instagram Live.

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Are you curious as to how to use online videos to market your small business?

Do you have questions about how to strategically create lead generation with online video and which platforms you should use?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, Owen Video and I discuss video social media marketing for small businesses, with a focus on creating exclusive videos for both YouTube and Facebook, which calls-to-action to use and tips for Facebook Live.

Let's do this!

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Do you own a small business and wonder which social channels are the best way to generate leads through social media?

Do you have questions about how much money to spend on website design, which channels you should focus on and how email marketing can help grow your business?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, Rich Brooks and I discuss social media marketing for small businesses, taking a look at what the top priorities should be with limited time and resources, and how to best utilize various means of social media.

Let's do this!

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Are you in the restaurant business or own a pizzeria? Are you curious as to how social media can help your restaurant or pizzeria?

Do you wonder which social media platforms can best help reach your target audience and how to go about reaching them?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, Bruce Irving and I discuss social media marketing for restaurants, including which social platforms are preferred and best practices for your niche, including a breakdown of all the main channels from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube and Yelp.

Let's do this!

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