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Have you ever investigated how to grow your business with events or by public speaking? If not, you most certainly should.

While blogging, social media, ebooks, and white papers are very popular content marketing strategies, one of the most powerful (yet overlooked) strategies is hosting and putting on your own events.

This week on the podcast, I pull back the curtains and share with you the story of Social Media Day San Diego and how this event plays into the content marketing strategy of our agency, Casual Fridays. In this episode, you'll discover my inspiration to create the event, why you should consider a live event as part of your content marketing strategy, the challenges of a live event, how-to pull off a live event, and much more. Also, this is officially the last podcast ever of the Social Media Social Hour. Next week, we rebrand! Same great content, just a new name.

Let's do this!

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