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Are negative online reviews hurting your bottom line? Are you looking for a way to turn those 1-stars into 5-stars, while boosting revenue? With over 88% of consumers claiming that they trust anonymous reviews as much as recommendations from their peers, it’s important to monitor and maintain your business’ online reputation. This week on the […]

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Are all of your friends and colleagues on Snapchat, but you just don’t “get it”? Have you tried to use the app, but still don’t understand how it works? Do you want access to the beginners guide to using Snapchat? With nearly 200 million monthly active users and 6 billion videos watched on the app […]

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Have you spent time reflecting on all of the changes that have occurred in social media throughout the year? Have you thought about which social media trends will go mainstream in 2016? As marketing departments evaluate their budgets for the new calendar year, they look to data from the previous year to make predictions for […]

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Are you struggling to take quality photos that make your social media content pop? Could you use a course in social media photography 101? Stock photos are boring and expensive, and lifting images off the internet can get you in serious hot water. The solution? Create your own social media photo content! This week on the Social […]

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Are people leaving ratings and reviews for your business online? Are you being proactive about your online review strategy? As websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor continue to grow in popularity, it’s important to develop an online review strategy to manage and respond to the positive AND negative feedback left by your customers. By proactively managing your online review strategy, […]

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