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In this episode, Tyler shares with you some updates to Facebook's Ads Manager that is welcoming news for e-commerce marketers and brands, some new products that Facebook is working on that could be bad news for NextDoor and Wix, and more. He also answers listener questions on photo and video editing tools, pricing for ad management, and a tool for scheduling meetings. Connect with Tyler on Instagram @tylerjanderson and if you're new to the show, subscribe now!

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In this episode, Tyler shares with you what Facebook's Messenger API means for brands and businesses, how an update to Facebook Ads is long overdue, breaks down a recent Pew Research Center study on Twitter, and more. He also answers listener questions on Yelp's algorithm, live events, and content calendars. Connect with Tyler on Instagram @tylerjanderson and if you're new to the show, subscribe now!

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This year has wreaked havoc on so many businesses, Casual Fridays included. If you've been a longtime listener of the podcast, you know that a large chunk of our business came from the hospitality and tourism industry. In today's episode, Tyler reflects on the past year and what he did at Casual Fridays to survive this nightmare.

Plus, some thoughts on TikTok's growth, Facebook updates, and more.

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Are you interested in starting a new business? Or working for yourself?

If so, you'll want to check out this podcast interview we had with Aiden Durham from 180 Law Co. LLC, also known as prominent YouTuber All Up In Yo Business.

I met Aiden on a whim when I was doing some research on some investments I was doing, and I came across her YouTube channel and I was impressed. I knew I had to introduce her to my audience. Especially with this pandemic of COVID-19 that we're all dealing with.

Listen, I get it. Now more than ever is the time. The time for you to break free and start that business of yours. However, before jumping into the deep end of the pool, I want you to get a (legal) lesson from Aiden. So sit back, buckle up, let's do this!

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While 2020 is widely known as the year of COVID-19 and much other craziness, TikTok has exploded on the scene. 

Before COVID-19 taking over the year, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenn Beeing from the San Diego Zoological Society. She shared all the things the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Safari Park were doing with this emerging platform. 

While this interview was recorded way back in March, again apologies for the delay, there still is tons of great information if for you to take in if you're a prominent brand or business or even a local business. 

Check it out! 

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