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Are you looking to provide your customers with outstanding customer service? Are you seeking ways to integrate social media into your customer service plan? Throughout the years, customer service has been a crucial component of doing good business. Now more than ever, brands are being put onstage by their customers via social media, and are […]

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Have you jumped onboard with Snapchat, but no one is viewing your snaps? Are you looking for ways to grow your Snapchat following? Unlike other social networks, Snapchat offers the unique challenge of limited discoverability. This requires social media marketers and “snapchatters” to develop creative ways to promote their Snapchat accounts and grow their follower base. This […]

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Are you struggling to get the most out of Twitter? Are you looking for ways to enhance your Twitter strategy? Twitter’s earning statements may get some negative press, but brands and marketers are continuing to have more success with the platform everyday. By utilizing all of the tools Twitter has to offer, you can grow your […]

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Brands, marketers, and social media gurus across the board, are scrambling to determine, “what is the future of social media?” Our friends at Social Fresh did the ground work and pulled together a report that surveyed brands, vendors, and agencies to gauge the state of the social media industry. This week on the Social Media Social Hour, […]

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