Casual Fridays Podcast

Do you need help growing your email list?

Are you capturing emails where and when you should be?

Dustin Stout and I discuss the pros and cons of various email platforms and how to streamline the process of gathering emails. He gives us tips and tricks to produce the most effective lead magnets and how to come up with ideas on what to create that will interest your target audience. I learned some interesting things about what kinds of lead magnets are working right now and how we can serve our audience and keep them interested in our brand and products.

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Does your product or service appeal to military families?

Are you marketing to military families through social media?

In honor of May’s Military Appreciation Month, I’m talking with Desiree Martinez, founder of All In One Social Media and member of a fourth generation military family. Learn HOW and WHY you should target military families using social media. Her number one recommendation for brands targeting military families is to make sure to sit down and talk to someone who has experience with the demographic before marketing to them. Here’s your chance!

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Do you have a social customer care strategy?

Do you want to know the essential steps to win at social customer care?

Today,  I sit down with Dan Gingiss, host of the “Focus on Customer Service” podcast and author of the new book “Winning at Social Customer Care” to outline the eight steps to win at social customer care.


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Should you be using Instagram Live?

Is it worth the time and energy to start using another live platform?

Today I’m joined by Aaron Roth of Arkon Mounts and we discuss how and why you should take a closer look at Instagram Live.  Aaron shares why it is working right now to increase sales and grow the Instagram account for Arkon Mounts. The most effective way he’s found to sell his products is by reaching new audiences and telling the Arkon Mounts story through Instagram Live.

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